Thank you for your interest in Tactical 4X4 line of products for the Land Rover Discovery 1 and 2, up to late models LR3 and LR4.  Tactical 4x4 takes pride in producing the highest quality off-road products for these vehicles.  As part of our efforts to get our products on vehicles belonging to Land Rover enthusiasts, we offer special pricing for shops that sell and install products for Land Rover vehicles.

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Discovery 1 and 2
Land Rover 3 and 4

Important Powdercoat information:
We no longer offer powder coat as a standard coating.
All of our products are now Zinc metalized for maximum protection from rust and the elements.
Powder coat or paint is available at an additional fee.

We do not guarantee powdercoating on our products.  Our products are designed for rugged offroad use and to protect your vehicle from trail hazards or obstacles.  Powdercoating, like paint, is not designed to be scratch resistant or stand up to the type of abuse that our products are designed for. Shipping and trail use may lead to scratches or other damage to finishes.
Thank you for your understanding.
Tactical 4X4


Land Rover Discovery 1 and 2 

Discovery 1 or 2 Front Winch Bumpers:  TR bumpers offer owners unrivaled approach angle clearance.  They are made from laser-cut 3/16” P in O steel plate and bent using Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) bending.  Plates are welded using top quality equipment to ensure proper penetration and maximum strength.  Our tubes are inch and a half diameter .120 walled steel tubing with tabs for auxiliary lighting and limb riser cable tabs. The center A-bar is 1 3/4 for a more aggressive look.  Designed to accommodate winches from a variety of manufacturers.(Almost all winches will require trimming of the plastic grill).  The winch is positioned low between the frame rails to offer maximum strength and reduce bending force created by high mounting locations. Our recovery tabs extend through the face of the bumper and are welded to the main frame brackets providing a solid mount directly to the frame. They are manufactured using 1/2" plate and will except a 4 3/4 T D-shackle. The strength of our bumper exceeds that of the vehicles frame and is made to last.
If your looking for a front winch bumper that is not only strong, functional and looks good, look no further.  (our bumpers do not interfere with the factory airbag system)  More photos...


D1 and D2 Front Winch Bumper: $1150.00



Tactical Rovers Discovery 1 or 2  Rear Bumpers:  TR rear bumpers offer extreme departure angles and wrap under the body on the sides to protect the body from impacting rocks on treacherous trails.  Bumpers are made from laser-cut 3/16” P in O steel and bent using Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) bending.  Our bumpers are welded using top quality welding equipment to ensure proper penetration and maximum weld strength.  Rear bumpers are designed to accommodate the stock hitch mount.  This allows owners to retain the class 3 towing capabilities of the vehicle.  Bumpers are powder coated to protect them against the elements and corrosion, but can also be sold raw for those who want to paint it themselves for easy scratch touch up.
The TR D2 rear bumper comes complete with our own tail light housing that accepts the light bulb cluster from your stock housing.
The TR D1 rear bumper is not offered with internal lighting as the body light cluster has all the lights as required by law.  More Photos... 

Important Note: Our bumper installation does require trimming the body behind the rear tires. This is necessary to improve the departure angle of the vehicle and cutting templates are included in the kit. 


D1 Rear Bumper: $840.00
D2 Rear Bumper: $960.00 

Tactical Rovers Jerry Cans and Tire Carrier for Discovery 1 or 2:  Built specifically to complement the rear bumpers with the same workmanship and materials, it holds 2 standard sized jerry cans and a full sized spare tire.  More photos...


D1 and D2 Jerry Cans and Tire Carrier: $645.00

TR Discovery 1 or 2 Rock Sliders:  Tactical Rovers Discovery 1 and 2 Rock Sliders are tough and offer outstanding protection to the door sills of the vehicle.  They are designed with a stealthy look that looks like a stock component of the vehicle and offers unrivaled clearance. 
Regular rock sliders built utilizing steel tubing have a tendency to bend upward when the vehicle makes a heavy impact with a rock. Tactical Rovers rock sliders are designed to maintain  their form and never bend even under the most severe impacts. Our slider wraps around the lower sill of the vehicle forming a protective barrier for the entire underside of the sill. Tactical Rovers Rock Sliders can are offered
with or without square tubular nerf bars.   More Photos...


D1 and D2 Sliders with Square Nerf Bars: $845.00
D1 and D2 Sliders without Square Nerf Bars: $745.00 

TR Diff Guards for D1 or 2, Defender or Range Rover Classic: TR diff guards are manufactured using ¼” P in O steel for maximum strength. The differential is the point on the vehicle most vulnerable to catastrophic damage on the trail. We recommend diff guards as one of the first upgrades for a Rover owner to make before doing any serious off-roading.  We design our diff guards to protect the entire underside of the differential and also the drive line pinion. Our Diff Guards are metalized and painted for maximum rust protection and easy touch up.  More Photos...

Important Note:  For Discovery 1, Defender and Range Rover Classic Diff Guards is not compatible with the stock Steering Stabilizer/Damper, a Relocation Kit is required.  In addition, all our Diff Guards require minimal welding to secure the front tabs to the hardened steel portion of the axle tube.

Front Diff Guards: $143.00
Rear Diff Guards: $143.00
Pair of Diff Guards: $265.00

Land Rover 3 and 4

Tactical Rovers LR3 or LR4 Front Winch Bumper:   Tactical Rovers has designed the best looking, yet functional LR3 and LR4 bumpers on the market.  LR3 and LR4 owners will be able to outfit their vehicle with a winch, while maximizing approach angles.

The TR front winch bumper covers the entire front end and DOES NOT require additional plates to protect the lower portion of the radiator. 
Our front bumper is a two-piece design that allows strong and durable but easy installation. The 1/4 inch plate steel winch tray mounts to stock locations on the frame of the vehicle.  The 10 gauge steel bumper shell then mounts to the winch plate and frame of the vehicle saving owners from having to lift the heavy bumper outfitted with a heavy winch during install.
Once again, we have designed our LR3 and LR4 front winch bumpers with not only good looks but maximum protection, functionality and durability.
(Our bumpers do not affect the function of the airbag system).   More photos...

note: We highly recommend upgrading the stock frame-to-winch plate mount bolts with grade 8 hardware, which requires drilling out the stock weld nuts to accommodate the larger bolts.


LR4 Front Winch Bumper: $1655.00
LR3 Front Winch Bumper: $1565.00 

LR3 and LR4 Rear bumpers:

The TR LR rear bumpers are designed with all of our usual features in mind.
Offering the highest possible departure angle along with quarter panel protection and maintaining a nice sleek look.
The stock hitch integrates with our LR rear bumper allowing for normal towing.
The center recovery ring is also easily accessible if the need to pull out a jeep ever arises.
As with all of our products the TR LR rear bumpers are manufactured using 3/16's steel plate on cnc machinery offering the highest quality assembly available.
Available with or without PDC holes. (See note below) 


LR Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier (option): More Photos...
NOTE: Photos show optional side bar steps. 1.25 square tube.

LR Rear Bumper: $1135.00
LR Tire Carrier Option: $560.00
        LR single can carrier: $485.00 
        LR dual can carrier: $565.00 (includes license plate relocation kit)
        LR Side bar step option: $80.00

Tactical Rovers LR3 and LR4 Rock Sliders:

Tactical Rovers LR rock sliders allow you to protect your investment in your LR3 or LR4 while offroading.  Our rock sliders offer a clean, stealth look resembling your stock trim  while giving you maximum protection for the air suspension pump and tank as well as the sill area of your LR. We also offer our LR rock sliders with 1 1/4" square nerf bars for added protection against sliding into obstacles on slippery trails that work great as a step.
This is an economical way to protect your LR against expensive damage on the trail. Installation of Tactical Rovers LR Rock Sliders is medium difficulty and does not require any drilling or modification to the vehicle.
Our LR rock sliders no longer require relocation of the AMK air pump.
TR Rock Sliders are manufactured using cnc machinery of 3/16" steel and come powdercoated.

LR4 Rock Sliders with Square Nerf Bars: $1365.00
LR4 Rock Sliders: $1265.00
LR3 Rock Sliders with Square Nerf Bars: $1365.00
LR3 Rock Sliders:  $1265.00

Tactical Rovers LR3/LR4 Transfer Case Skid Plates: Protect your transfer case while travelling off road in your LR3. This economical skid plate offers the strength of 3/16" P in O steel and can be installed simply with no modifications to the vehicle. Tranfer case skid plates are powdercoated and emblazened with the Tactical Rovers logo laser cut into the center. The Transfer Case Skid Plate can be used in conjunction with the Gas Tank Skid Plate and Tactical Rovers LR3 Rock Sliders to completely armor the underside of your LR3 and offer you the maximum protection against damage from hazards on the trail. Call to save on shipping.


LR3 TC Skid Plate: $455.00
LR4 TC Skid Plate: $455.00

Tactical Rovers LR3/LR4 Gas Tank Skid Plate:  The gas tank on the LR3 is one of the lowest hanging and most vulnerable parts of the vehicle. Our gas tank skid plate is great insurance on the trail against damage caused by rocks or other obstacles on the trail. Constructed from 3/16" steel and double braced our gas tank skids can hold up to the abuses and obstacles on the most difficult trails. Used in conjunction with our rock sliders and transfer case skid plate, LR3 owners now have the ability to armor the vulnerable underside of their vehicles. Installation of this item is quick and simple with no modifications to the vehicle needed. Our Tank skids are metalized and painted for maximum rust protection and easy touch up.


LR3/LR4 Gas Tank Skid Plate: $545.00