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Welcome to Tactical 4x4, llc


Recently Tactical 4x4 experienced a fire that destroyed one of our vital buildings.
We did loose some major equipment as well as stored materials.
We're working hard to maintain our current lead times while we replenish what was lost.

Product Offerings:

 Land Rover 3 and 4 Model front and rear bumpers:

Tactical 4x4 has made the decision to remove the distance sensor capability from our LR3 front and rear bumpers as well as the LR4 front bumper. We have concluded that in order to achieve a factory function in an off road bumper we would have to sacrifice durability for off road use.
So sticking to our roots, we will maintain our sleek lines with off road functionality.


Our products are built by off-roading enthusiast for off-roading enthusiasts using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

So whether you are into Camping, Exploring, Overlanding or Rock Crawling.....

...We have the gear to give your Land Rover the maximum off-road performance and protection against hazards on the trail.

Please be aware, our products are designed for  OFF-ROAD use and are not guaranteed to have an exact factory replacement fit or function.

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